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Eight time Emmy-recipient Michael Graber became a cinematographer by pursuing his passion for mountain climbing. Moving to the Eastern Sierra after earning a degree in philosophy from Claremont McKenna College, Graber quickly ascended the ranks of the top alpinists in the U.S., pioneering first ascents on four continents. In 1976 he met Oscar winner, Mike Hoover (Up, Solo) who mentored him in adventure and documentary filmmaking.

Since 1977, Graber has worked on a number of award-winning television documentaries, netting eight national Emmy’s along the way. Graber also branched out into feature films (Dust To Glory, 007 — Die Another Day, Endless Summer 2, Crimson Tide, Twister, Almost Heroes) and 70mm IMAX films (Storm Chasers, Amazon, Wild California, Shackleton).


In 1990, Graber met and began working with his partner and wife, Diana, who was Director of Marketing & Television at Surfer Publications where she oversaw the production and marketing of the Surfer TV and Powder TV series for ESPN.

Prior to working at Surfer, Diana produced sports events and television programs through her own firm and for the U.S. Recreational Ski Association after earning a degree in Communication Studies from UCLA. She received her first film award in 1986 from the Houston Internt’l Film Fest for Chrysler Ski Race. Diana has since earned an M.A. in Media Psychology & Social Change from UCLA/Fielding Graduate University and co-founded CyberWise and Cyber Civics, two organizations dedicated to digital media literacy.

Together, the Grabers have produced, directed and filmed several sports and adventure series and documentaries. Their finest productions, however, are their two beautiful daughters.


Photo: Michael Graber

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